ÉPI STUDIO is a french creative studio founded by Julie Lansom and Mathilde Hamart. and specialised in swimwear & accessories.

We’re producing capsule collections, limited to 50 pieces per design. All our swimsuits are MADE IN FRANCE in a small factory near the sea.

Our prime source of inspiration is the feminine form and our aim is to flatter all of its curves. Our palette of colors is chosen with great care and priority is given to colors which are at once intense and refined.

ÉPI STUDIO is part of the “slow fashion” movement and offers an alternative to fast, throwaway fashion by offering swimming costumes which are ethically produced, timeless and eternally stylish.

Great importance is given to our choice of fabrics which are all Italian and selected for their high quality and their shape-holding properties. Half of them are made of recycled polyamide yarns or come from the “upcycling” movement. By buying brand new fabrics that were meant to be destroyed, we act to save energy and natural resources and aim to reduce the massive quantity of waste the fashion industry produces each year.  

All our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX or CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES (No harmful substances used to produce the fabric, Safe next to the skin). We don’t use any plastic to pack our products.

We have chosen to sell our swimwear mainly online to be able to offer extremely well-made products at affordable prices.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch : hello@epi-studio.fr